Discover Hawaii Weather in November with Muumuuheaven 2024 – Plan Your Getaway!

Planning a Hawaiian vacation in November? You’re in for a treat! Hawaii weather in November is a hidden gem for travelers. With Muumuuheaven, we’ll dive into what makes this month so special weather-wise.

From the warm breezes to the occasional refreshing rain, we’ve got all the insights to make your visit unforgettable. Let’s get your paradise journey started!

Average Weather Conditions

Average Weather Conditions

Temperature Ranges

When you step off the plane in Hawaii this November, expect to be greeted by the warm embrace of the islands.

The mercury flirts with a cozy range from the mid-70s to the low 80s (that’s about 23°C to 28°C for our metric friends), perfect for those looking to escape the chill of fall elsewhere.

Hawaii’s November climate is like that friend who’s always comfortably warm, never too hot nor too cold, making it an ideal retreat.

Rainfall Levels and Humidity

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the rain. November marks the beginning of Hawaii’s wet season, but don’t let that dampen your spirits. While the rainfall can notch up to about 163 mm over the month, remember, it’s this very rain that keeps the islands so lush and inviting.

Plus, with humidity levels averaging around 80%, you’ll want to keep light, breathable fabrics close – think the airy comfort of a Muumuuheaven special.

Sunshine Hours

Fear not, sun chasers! Despite the occasional shower, Hawaii in November is far from gloomy. The islands boast an impressive 11 hours of daylight, with the sun making a grand appearance for around 7 to 8 hours each day.

It’s like Mother Nature’s way of ensuring you have ample time to explore, from the stunning beaches to the mesmerizing trails that crisscross the islands. Whether you’re catching waves in the morning or enjoying a leisurely hike, there’s plenty of sunshine to fuel your adventures.

What is the Weather like in Hawaii in November?

What is the Weather like in Hawaii in November

As we wave aloha to the hurricane season, the islands breathe a sigh of relief and welcome the start of the wet season.

It’s a time of transition, where the weather, much like a seasoned surfer, smoothly switches from one wave to another. This shift brings with it a mosaic of weather patterns, each influenced by Hawaii’s diverse geography.

End of Hurricane Season and Start of the Wet Season

This November, as you explore the islands, you’ll notice the air carries a fresh, crisp quality, a telltale sign of the changing seasons.

The hurricanes bid their goodbye, making way for rainclouds that dance over the islands’ peaks and valleys.

But here’s the inside scoop – those showers? They’re more like nature’s brief intermissions, often quick and followed by glorious sunshine, painting the perfect rainbow scenes Hawaii is famous for.

Geographical Influences on the Weather

The islands’ unique topography plays a lead role in crafting November’s weather narrative.

From the windward coasts, known for their lush, green landscapes nurtured by more frequent rain, to the leeward sides, where sun-soaked beaches reign supreme, each area offers a different climate experience.

For instance, the slopes of volcanoes catch the clouds, blessing areas like Hilo with rain, while Kona side enjoys drier days. It’s this geographical lottery that makes every visit to Hawaii a unique adventure.

In November, Hawaii wears its weather like a patchwork quilt, with each island and even each region offering its own piece of the sky’s story.

Whether you’re trekking through the misty uplands or lounging on a sun-drenched beach, the weather becomes a part of your Hawaiian tale.

Activities Suitable for November Weather

Activities Suitable for November Weather

November’s weather in Hawaii, with its mix of sunny spells and refreshing showers, sets the stage for a plethora of outdoor adventures.

It’s as if the islands themselves are inviting you to play and explore. So, what’s on the agenda? Let’s dive into some activities perfectly suited for this time of year.

Recommendations for Outdoor Activities

First up, hiking. The trails come alive with vibrant hues and cooler temps, making your trek through the islands’ lush landscapes all the more enjoyable.

And for those who prefer the ocean’s call, snorkeling conditions remain sublime, with clear waters offering a window into the underwater world of colorful reefs and marine life.

Not to forget, surfing! The surf starts to pick up, providing both newbies and pros thrilling rides on the Pacific waves.

Suggested Locations for These Activities

Now, where to embrace these activities? Maui, affectionately known as The Valley Isle, is a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts.

The Hana Highway, with its winding roads, leads to some of the most breathtaking hiking spots, enveloped in a canopy of tropical greenery. For snorkeling, head over to Molokini Crater, where the visibility is unparalleled, offering a serene peek into the aquatic abode of hundreds of fish species.

And for those looking to hang ten, the North Shore of Oahu becomes a surfing haven in November, with waves that challenge and exhilarate.

But that’s not all. Every island, from the rugged landscapes of Kauai to the volcanic grandeur of the Big Island, offers its own unique set of outdoor pleasures.

Whether it’s kayaking in the calm waters of Lanai or paragliding over the scenic uplands of the islands, November’s weather conditions ensure that your Hawaiian adventure is nothing short of epic.

Hana Highway
Hana Highway

Packing Tips for Visitors

Packing Tips for Visitors

What to Wear in Hawaii in November

The islands’ wardrobe mantra for November? Layer, layer, layer. Start with your basics – think breathable fabrics like cotton and linen to keep you comfortable during the day.

Since the evenings can bring a cooler breeze, especially after a rain shower, having a light jacket or a cozy wrap on hand is a great idea. And for those sun-drenched beach days that November loves to sprinkle in, don’t forget your swimwear!

Essentials to Bring for the Weather Conditions

Beyond clothes, there are a few must-haves for tackling Hawaii’s November climate. A sturdy umbrella or a lightweight rain jacket will be your best friend during those spontaneous showers.

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable, no matter the season in Hawaii, protecting you during those hours exploring the great outdoors.

For the adventurers looking to hike through Hawaii’s breathtaking landscapes, waterproof hiking shoes will keep your feet happy, rain or shine.

Lastly, a good hat and sunglasses will shield you from the tropical sun, ensuring you enjoy every moment of your island adventure without the squint.

Packing for Hawaii in November is all about preparing for versatility. With a mix of sun-ready and rain-proof items in your luggage, you’ll be set to embrace the full range of what the islands have to offer, making every day an adventure.

So, pack up, head out, and let Hawaii’s weather be the backdrop to your unforgettable stories.

FAQs about Hawaii Weather in November

FAQs about Hawaii Weather in November

What are the typical weather conditions in Hawaii in January?

Hawaii in January typically enjoys pleasant weather, with temperatures ranging from 66°F to 81°F. It’s partly cloudy on average, with light rain falling on about one out of five days. The trade winds provide a comfortable climate, ideal for outdoor activities.

Is January a good time for surfing in Hawaii?

Yes, January is an excellent month for surfing, especially on Oahu’s North Shore, where the winter swells bring some of the biggest waves. It’s a prime time for experienced surfers, with famous competitions such as the Pipeline Masters and Triple Crown taking place.

Can I see whales in Hawaii during January?

January is a prime month for whale watching in Hawaii, as humpback whales are in their migration season. Various tours and spots, especially in Maui, offer spectacular views of these magnificent creatures.

Are hotel rates expensive in January?

Hotel rates in January are generally lower than the peak season, with average rates around $350 per night after the first week of January. However, rates can vary widely based on location and hotel quality.

How crowded is Hawaii in January?

Compared to the peak travel month of July, January is less crowded. The number of visitors is lower, making it a quieter time to enjoy the islands. Oahu is the most visited, while Molokai sees the fewest visitors.

What are some recommended activities in Hawaii during January?

In addition to surfing and whale watching, January offers opportunities for hiking, exploring cultural sites, and participating in events like Chinese New Year celebrations and professional golf tournaments.

Is it more affordable to travel to Hawaii in January?

Yes, January can be more affordable for travel and accommodations compared to peak season. Airfare and car rental costs tend to be lower, making it a great time for budget-conscious travelers.


Wrapping up our journey through Hawaii’s November weather, it’s clear why this month is a prime time for adventurers and relaxation seekers alike.

With Muumuuheaven’s guide, you’re well-equipped to enjoy all that Hawaii offers in November. From sunny days to comfortable nights, your Hawaiian escape awaits with the perfect blend of weather. So, pack your bags and let the islands surprise you!

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